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Down to Agribusiness is a new podcast series where industry experts discuss developments currently shaping agribusiness sectors and markets around the world. With a new episode every two weeks, you’ll hear the latest topics affecting the areas of global agribusiness that matter to you. You can subscribe here.

Aug 9, 2019

Discover more on the following topics: 

  • US urea market update following a one-of-a-kind spring season
  • Latest on the July India tender
  • Expectations for Chinese exports for remainder of 2019
  • Expectations for the next Indian tender
  • Outlook for urea prices in the short-term

Jul 11, 2019

Following the recent IFA Montreal conference, our analysts talk all things Urea.

Apr 25, 2019

After the latest conference in China Urea analysts Elfi and Karl get together to discuss the latest updates from the global Urea market. 

Feb 21, 2019

Following the recent TFI Orlando conference our Urea analysts got together to talk all things Urea. Listen now to understand some of the key market factors influencing Urea supply, demand, price and costs. 

Nov 30, 2018

In this podcast Senior News Analyst for IEG Vu, Sandra Boga talks to International Sugar Journal (ISJ) editor Arvind Chudasama and Agribusiness reports specialist Alan Bullion live from the International Sugar Organization’s (ISO) annual seminar to discuss whether the EU’s sugar market is in a crisis, as well as...