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Down to Agribusiness is a new podcast series where industry experts discuss developments currently shaping agribusiness sectors and markets around the world. You’ll hear the latest topics affecting the areas of global agribusiness that matter to you. You can subscribe here.

Nov 21, 2017

UK wheat prices have surged considerably since the UK voted to leave the EU back in June 2016, backed by a decline in the British pound. These costs are now making their way down the supply chain with hiked bread prices looming for UK consumers.

Senior Softs and Grains Analyst for IEG Vu, Sandra Boga explains how UK...

Nov 8, 2017

In this episode, Senior Dairy Analyst for IEG Vu, Richard Dillon, shares his insights from the global dairy auction (Event 199 - 7th November 2017). Whole milk powder price continues to weaken, while there has been a small uplift in skim milk powder. Richard shares price information, production volumes and his analysis...