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Down to Agribusiness is a new podcast series where industry experts discuss developments currently shaping agribusiness sectors and markets around the world. You’ll hear the latest topics affecting the areas of global agribusiness that matter to you. You can subscribe here.

Aug 15, 2017

In episode 7, we move our attention to agri-mecca, Brazil. The country is set to go from strength to strength following 10-year preliminary mid-term forecasts made by Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Production and Supplies (MAPA). However, obstacles are still apparent for the grains, coffee and sugar crops of the “world’s feeder.” Senior Softs and Grains Analyst for IEG Vu, Sandra Boga, outlines the ministry's outlook. IEG Vu will publish three 10-year outlooks on Brazilian crops in the month of August. 

Access these outlooks and additional resources on the episode 7 page here -