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Sep 12, 2017

The issue of Brexit and how it is likely to impact the food and agriculture industry in the UK, EU and around the world has been a frequent topic of discussion in all agribusiness sectors. In this episode, our attention turns to the food law sector topic of food labelling.

The UK’s food labelling has been seen to be out-of-step with the rest of Europe anyway, so can we expect even more divergence post-Brexit as British exporters seek out new global markets? Peter Rixon, IEG Policy’s Senior Analyst for European Food Law joins Adam Sharpe to discuss these topics and more.

Visit the episode 9 page to access additional resources on this topic, including articles published by IEG Policy -

We keep hearing that Britain wants to “go global” after Brexit. How could that apply to food labelling?

Are we expecting to see any radical changes to food labelling laws when the UK exits the European Union?

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