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Feb 13, 2018

A recovery in global sugar outputs that set in last year is likely to accelerate this coming season. In this episode, Sandra Boga is joined by senior commodity analyst for F.O. Licht, Stefan Uhlenbrock to discuss global sugar markets, with a special focus on Brazil and Europe.

World prices fell quite sharply over 2017 by around 20% overall. Does 2018 hold the same fate for prices?

F.O. Licht projected a surge in global sugar output for 2017/18 - what does the latest data tell us?

The 2018 IEG Vu global outlook is available to download now. Visit the episode page where you can download the IEG Vu Outlook 2018 report and additional resources -

This episode is sponsored by De Smet Engineers & Contractors (, and was recorded on February 1 2018.