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Apr 10, 2018

With a global population that is set to hit nearly 10 billion by 2050, the agriculture sector is tasked with the responsibility of increasing food production considerably in the coming years to meet this demand.

But there are many factors to contend with such as climate change, soil erosion and increasing consumer demands for food production to be carried out in a more sustainable way that does not damage the environment or put human health at risk. The industry faces an enormous challenge and new and developing technology will undoubtedly play a role in ensuring supply is enough to meet demand.

One area that has seen considerable growth in market size in the past 10-15 years is biopesticides.

A new report produced by Agrow, part of Agribusiness Intelligence, looks in depth at the development of this market segment and the potential for increased use in the years to come.

Adam Sharpe is joined by Alan Bullion, head of special reports at Agribusiness Intelligence, to discuss this increasingly prominent segment of the crop protection industry.

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